Mousetrap Machine Science Assembly Frequently Asked Questions:

What grades is this assembly suited for?

The assembly fits directly into the curriculum for grades 3 & 4 but suitable for kindergarten through Grade 5.

How long is the assembly?

Each assembly is approximately 45 minutes long. We can adjust the assembly length to suit your school’s schedule.

Does this assembly fit into our school’s curriculum?

Yes!  The Mousetrap Machine assembly was designed specifically to fit the science curriculum for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Will this assembly keep our kids interested?

Smarty Pants is an award-winning family entertainer with over 15 years of experience in front of youth audiences.    We guarantee even your older students will be spellbound from the first minute until the last.

What is the fee for the assembly?

Rate is $599 for one show, $899 for a double show back to back, or $1199 for a triple assembly.

How should we split our grades up for a multiple assembly?

For a double assembly, we suggest one for grades K-2, and the second for grades 3-5.    While the general content of both shows is the same, the show for grades 3-5 does include more advanced scientific principles and moves at a faster pace compared to the K-2 assembly.

Do you offer an assembly for our science night?

Yes!  Smarty Pants can present the Mousetrap Machine assembly for your school’s science night.   He’ll even use a few select parents as show volunteers, to the delight of your students!

What is your availability for our desired assembly date?

Drop us a line through our Contact Page – we generally book up our available dates fast, but often can accommodate your desired assembly date.