Mousetrap Machine Curriculum Connection

We understand that in today’s elementary schools, students need to be actively learning every single day. There’s no time to waste!

The Mousetrap Machine Show is specifically designed to enhance the state-required curriculum that students are already learning in the classroom.

This show focuses on three essential areas essential to student development in grades K-5:

The Mousetrap Machine in action
    • SCIENCE:

The five simple machines demonstrated in the show are those essential to understanding more complex machines. After each machine is introduced in the show, students are taught how these components can be combined in unique ways to create a more complicated machine.

    • MATH:

Students actively build problem solving skills by working out ways of combining five simple machines together to solve the problem of constructing a successfully functioning mousetrap design.

    • ART

The unusual medium of balloons showcase the unlimited possibilities of creative thinking. The show’s use of oversized balloon constructions demonstrate to students that machines can be unconventional, or even take completely new forms never seen before!