About the Mousetrap Machine Science Assembly

The Mousetrap Machine Show combines Science, Math and Art to teach students about how the five essential simple machines work: the Lever, the Wheel, the Pulley, the Inclined Plane and the Screw.

Throughout the assembly, over twenty student volunteers demonstrate the workings of these five simple machines using eye popping oversized balloon sculptures.

Balloon wheels on a motorcycle really turn, pulleys really lift weights and balloon screws even fly through the air!

By the show’s close, these simple “balloon” machines are linked together to create a more complex “Rube-Goldberg style” mousetrap, in order to catch a runaway mouse.

By first demonstrating how each simple machine works, then showing how they can work together to form more complex structures, students learn first-hand how machines in their life are engineered to solve problems.

A truly innovative and unique science assembly, the Mousetrap Machine Show inspires student audiences to a lifelong interest in science.

Students learn how how the five essential simple machines work